26 November, 2019

2019 Scoring Canadian Tech Talent

In CBRE’s 2019 Scoring Canadian Tech Talent report that ranks 20 cities on competitive advantages and appeals to tech workers and employers, Vancouver moved up a spot to take the 3rd position. Cities were ranked based on three tech industry indictors in success: talent availability, quality of labour, and cost competitiveness.

There are three highlights that solidified Vancouver’s position as a tech talent leader:

  • Talent Availablity
    The four largest tech markets in Canada, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Ottawa, account for 60% of Canada’s tech labour pool. Within the last 5 years, Vancouver’s tech labour pool grew by 42.6%, which is approximately 22,300 new jobs. In comparison to the other 20 cities, Vancouver was ranked #3 for tech labour pool size, #6 for tech employment growth, and #6 for tech concentration.
  • Quality of Labour
    Vancouver has the 3rd  highest volume tech graduates in Canada thanks to two major universities, UBC and SFU. Vancouver ranked #2 for quality of labour, #3 for tech talent-related degrees, and #4 for educational attainment.
  • Cost Competitiveness
    Vancouver is one best places to operate in North America for cost and quality. Taking a closer look at the wages and rents to run a 500 person company requiring 75,000 SF, operating in Vancouver would cost roughly $38.6M, which is 50% cheaper than San Francisco ($77.4M) and 40% cheaper than Seattle ($66M). Vancouver was ranked #2 for talent quality to cost, #13 for total gross occupancy, and #20 for real estate cost.



By: The HTFG