16 August, 2019

2019 Scoring Tech Talent | Q3 2019


Scoring Tech Talent is a comprehensive analysis of labour market conditions, cost, and quality in the U.S. and Canada for highly skilled tech workers. The top-50 markets were ranked according to their comprehensive advantages and appeal to both employers and tech talent. The analysis also provides insight into the quality of tech workers, their demographics and how tech talent growth patterns are impacting cities and real estate markets.

Key findings for the Vancouver tech industry include:

  • Vancouver had the largest gain of any market; ranked 12th and up 12 positions
  • Vancouver ranked #5 for Brain Gain (11,140 tech grads and 22,300 tech jobs added meaning graduates can remain in the city)
  • Vancouver is the second-lowest cost city on this survey in terms of wages and rent adjusted to US currency
  • Vancouver is among the top cities when it comes to tech talent value (the availability of labor with 3 or more years of experience and a degree from one of the top 25 schools in the US / top 3 schools in Canada  vs. average annual salary)
  • Tech talent growth has an impact on the real estate market, primarily demand for office space and residential properties and Vancouver currently has the second-lowest office vacancy rate of the top-50 cities


By: The HTFG