The smart home and healthcare are converging. Autonomous vehicles are coming for last-mile delivery. And data is becoming a hot-button geopolitical issue. We look at the trends poised to reshape industries in 2019.

Technology is now central to every industry — from building construction to healthcare administration to food production. 2019 will be the year we see new use cases emerge as AI creates new possibilities for personalization, monitoring, and marketing. It will also create new challenges around how to regulate data and access.

As a more tech-savvy generation ages up, we’ll see the smart home begin acting as a kind of in-home health aide, monitoring senior citizens’ health and well-being. We’ll see logistics players experiment with finally moving beyond a human driver. And we’ll see cross-industry collaborations, whether via ancestry-informed Spotify playlists or limited-edition Fortnite game skins. We’ll also see technology brands expand beyond their core products and turn themselves into a lifestyle.

We asked our industry analysts at CB Insights to look back over a year’s worth of research briefs, data crunching, and reports to identify the trends they believe will shape the tech sector in 2019.

In each case, we examine the tea leaves pointing to each trend as something to watch out for next year. From at-home health kits to personalized makeup to data governance, these are 14 of the tech trends we’ll be watching.