British Columbia is positioned to lead Canada as a global digital technology supercluster through collaboration, transformation of traditional industries and exponential growth.

Since the 1960s, BC has been growing as a technology-enabled economy. Companies in BC introduced the world’s first cellular radio, developed the technology that powered the first broadband internet networks, and commercialized the world’s first quantum computer. Now, a strong roster of the world’s leading tech companies—including Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, Cisco, Disney, Electronic Arts, GE, Sony, and SAP—as well as homegrown successes like Avigilon, Bardel, BuildDirect, Hootsuite, Slack, and Vision Critical call BC home.

British Columbia also holds strong innovation roots in the creative and digital areas. BC has provided visual effects for top-grossing films such as Star Wars, produced the world’s #1-selling video game, FIFA Soccer, developed world-class post-secondary institutions, and possesses a geographic advantage that leads Canada in trade alongside Asia and the world’s fastest-growing economies. Being the fastest growing technology sector in Canada with a list of deep-rooted strengths, BC is leading the nation on a trajectory that’s putting Canada on the map as a digital technology leader. It’s no secret that the east and west sides of Canada hold different strengths, but the key to positioning Canada as a global leader in digital technology isn’t competition among each other, it’s collaboration. Through BC’s position as the nation’s leading tech supercluster, the province has the opportunity to lead collaborations across Canada. Starting from the West Coast, BC can initiate and engage companies, innovators, and hubs across the country to make the “re-imagined” future a competitive advantage for Canadian industries.