2023 Office Occupier Sentiment Survey: Global Summary

CBRE’s 2023 Global Occupier Sentiment Surveys feature insights from more than 400 corporate real estate executives across multi-national and domestic companies around the world. These insights uncover trends about the future of work and the changing role of the office in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Based on the collective data from these surveys, we have identified five trends that will guide global organizations as they optimize their portfolios:

  1. Office utilization patterns globally are below pre-pandemic levels but continuing to rise.
  2. Globally, the office remains a core element of corporate culture.
  3. Focus on portfolio optimization means more than downsizing.
  4. Occupiers trade quantity for better quality space.
  5. Occupiers seek more flexibility in lease terms and building services.

To read the full report, download below: