Scoring Tech Talent 2023

Scoring Tech Talent is a comprehensive report showcasing a detailed analysis of the top 50 Tech Markets in North America. This includes labour market conditions, cost and quality for highly skilled tech workers and more.

Notable Highlights

  1. This year, Vancouver stayed ranked at #8, the 2nd highest-ranked Canadian city.
  2. ​Vancouver had the highest tech talent job growth rate (measured at 69%), totalling 45,200 tech jobs from 2018 – 2022.
  3. ​Canadian cities have ranked well and, on average, outperformed their U.S. peers. Of the eight Canadian cities in the ranking, five increased their positions, one held and two dropped. Canada continues to punch above its weight, with five of the top 20 tech talent cities, including two in the top 10.
  4. The tech markets with the highest tech job growth rates on the continent were all Canadian: Vancouver (69%), Calgary (61%), Waterloo Region (52%) and Edmonton (45%). Canada’s tech talent workforce has grown by 150,000 workers or 15.7% since 2020, outpacing the U.S., which grew by 11.4%.

To read the full report, download below: