The Great Resignation’s Impact on Office Users

More U.S. workers are leaving their jobs than ever before, and job openings exceed willing workers—a trend dubbed the “Great Resignation” in headlines. What does this mean for office occupiers, and what can they do to attract and retain talent in the current environment? In this Viewpoint, we examine the Great Resignation’s impact on office-using sectors and look at five ways employers can stem the tide as they reopen their offices.  

Here are some key takeaways:

  • The Great Resignation is roiling the U.S. labor market, with 0.6 people available to fill each open job, as of January 2022. The impact on office-using industries is mixed, with the Professional and Business sector struggling more than the Financial Activities and Technology sectors to fill vacancies.
  • With labor force participation near an all-time low and record numbers of Americans quitting despite rising wages, companies need to get creative to keep and recruit talent—especially as they reopen offices more fully as the pandemic ebbs.
  • To counter this trend, employers can proactively focus on addressing employees’ pain points, optimizing flexible work arrangements, redesigning offices to better support hybrid work, fostering cultures that transcend physical space and tapping new markets for talent.

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